European Innocence Network conference

The mission of Innocence programs is to identify innocent prisoners who have been wrongfully convicted and obtain their release from prison, and to educate the public and the judicial system about wrongful convictions. In recent years, several Innocence programs have developed across Europe. The purpose of the conference is to bring together all lawyers, scholars and activists interested in this movement to discuss the wrongful convictions and how those in Europe can collaborate and work together to fight the problem of wrongful conviction. At the conference, participants will also discuss the formation of the European Innocence Network, its structure and future activities.

Conference topics:

Reports from participants in the Innocence Movement on how the movement is shaping up in their home countries.

Panel discussions on the causes of wrongful conviction, how to start an Innocence program, etc.


June 16 -17, 2016


Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of the Czech Republic

Státní akta, Sněmovní 4, Praha 1              

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Center for the Global Study of Wrongful Convictions at the University of Cincinnati College of Law is helping to sponsor the conference.